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White Fire Cookies - (Private Reserve) - HYBRID

Eufloric Healing

White Fire Cookies is a new and extremely unique genetic strain that is crossed with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) along with White Fire OG. When you take a really close look (and smell) at White Fire Cookies, this breeding becomes even more apparent. The remarkably sweet and almost sugar-like aroma of White Fire Cookies is directly inherited from the GSC. Not only does the GSC lend its amazing sweet notes but seeing as the child strain of another OG, OG Kush, there is also a fair amount of dankness and mellow effects that GSC brings to White Fire Cookies. This is despite the fact that GSC is usually considered to be a hybrid strain. The White Fire OG side of the heritage puts the sativa in the sativa dominant hybrid White Fire Cookies. Fire Cookies effects are deceptive, and there’s much more to this strain than meets the eye.

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Type: Hybrid

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