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People's - Indica - Cartridge 500mg

Eufloric Healing

INDICA - (Pure 100% Cannabis) - A relaxing and calming combination of Indica strains. A cool blend that relaxes you head to toe and allows your mind to drift off into the clouds.    • NO FOREIGN TERPENES  • NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL  • NO VEGETABLE GLYCERIN  • NO ADDITIVES  • NO CANNABIS FILLER  • HIGH POTENCY   We believe in product purity. We don’t add extra chemicals to change your cannabis experience. People’s oil is highly purified THC extract that maximizes the cannabis flower’s full effect and flavor. Our cannabis is expertly extracted to remove everything except the flavor bodies and cannabinoids. Preserving these flavor bodies eliminates the need for any additives, providing high potency concentrates with unmatched cannabis flavor.


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