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PAX Era Pods - Emerald OG - Brite Labs - Cartridge 500mg - Indica

Eufloric Healing

Brite Labs strain specific CO2-extracted in pure cannabis oil in Pax Era Pod, Emerald OG, Indica. Brite Labs utilizes scientific botanical equipment and carefully applies precise methods to deliver consistently pure cannabis oil. Brite Labs pods blend botanical integrity with the advanced technology that is expected from Pax Labs. Pods filled with Brite Labs’ 100% pure CO2 cannabis extract, that is always free of additives, diluents, and flavoring agents of any kind, pair with the Pax Era device to provide a personalized experience for each session. Our strain specific oils allow patients to select the appropriate cultivar that their body demands while the Era device provides the discretion and temperature control to fit any occasion.

Emerald OG, is a vigorous cross that combines Fire OG with Emerald Diesel. The resulting hybrid was then back crossed with the pollen from a Fire OG male to forge this indica-dominant hybrid. Emerald OG has a blend of mild floral and melon flavors that mix with pungent citrus notes and produce deep relaxing effects that are a great answer for migraines and sleepless nights.



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